walkie talkie?

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Wow! This semester has been NUTS!!!! Which explains my complete lack of posting anything in the last two months. Lucky for me the semester is over and I can be mellow for a bit. Unfortunately school really cuts into my sitting around time, funny how that works.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am, and what it is I’m doing with life. Thus far I have come to one conclusion: I want to be a scholar. I know that saying that can make me sound really arrogant, so let me explain. I don’t want to be a scholar in the sense that many people think of a scholar (if that makes any sense). Rather I want to spend a lot of time reading, writing, and chewing on tough bits of doctrine for the whole of my life. I want to mine the depths of Scripture. I want to be so immersed in my Bible that the meta-narrative of Scripture is constantly be rolled over in my mind. I want to be so immersed in my Bible that I ponder the implications of one verse for weeks and weeks until I finally get it. Then I want to take all the knowledge that God has poured into my head and teach it with clarity, poignance, and passion. I want all the Theology that I have learned to well up inside of me and set fire to my soul, I want my heart to burn with love for Christ and His Church. I want to be able to look around me and see shadows of Christ and the Gospel in every nook and cranny of life; I don’t want a moment to go by that isn’t marked with the sweet fragrance of Christ’s unending grace. 

That is what I mean when I say that I want to be a scholar. It isn’t that I want the degrees, or that I want the recognition, although the selfish pride in me sure does, I just want to understand the Gospel. I want the power of the the Gospel to root out the selfishness in me. I want the Holy Spirit to enlighten my heart so that I can understand the Scriptures with greater depth. In short: I want to love God and know His word. That is the cry of my heart. Strive together with me-that we might all love Christ more and know His Word better. 




Augustine is…wordy.

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“But there is nothing in your word that passes away or returns to its place; for it is truly immortal and eternal. And, therefore, to the word co-eternal with you, at the same time and always you say all that you say, And whatever you say shall be made is made, and you make nothing otherwise than by speaking. Still, not all the things that you make by speaking are made at the same time and always.”

My head is spinning.

Are we so callous?

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So I was eating breakfast this morning (Kashi cereal rules) and looking through a catalog for Family Christian bookstore and when I noticed the banner on the front cover of the catalog, which read; “prepare your heart for the Lord”, which was an advertisement for Bibles(the Scripture quoted below it was from Ephesians 4:12 …prepare God’s people for works of service… Since when did it become OK the use Scripture to sell stuff? Honestly, why is it all of a sudden OK to use scripture to advertise, even if it is a Bible? What happens if the heart isn’t prepared for the Lord? Hell. A heart that isn’t prepared for the Lord is a unregenerate heart, a heart that is still sin-stained and wicked. Where do the wicked go? Hell. How come we take this lightly?!!! Oh its OK, we’ll use this to be cute and advertise stuff, its not irreverent, we won’t think about what we are doing, because then we would have to stop. Maybe I’m taking this too far, but what if I’m not? It scares me to think what will happen to us if our hearts become callous. It scares me because Christ flipped out on the people that were selling merchandise in the Temple, they had become calloused, its a scary place to be. Maybe its OK to advertise like Family Christian did, maybe, but I think we run the risk of numbing ourselves. I think that when Scripture is used outside of teaching, correcting and leading people towards Christ, and instead is used to sell our little “Christian” things we step into extremely dangerous territory. God doesn’t take lightly a callous heart, especially when it is the heart of His children. He will discipline us for our good, the fire will be lit and the dross of sin will be burned away, all so He can become our treasure again. Oh how I pray we will understand our Lord, His love for us, and the lengths that He will go to in order to bring us back to where we ought to be. Read Isaiah 40, His word stands forever, He holds all of creation in His hands. May we have a Holy fear of the One that bought our salvation with his blood, and correctly handle His Word.

I wrote this a while back, but never posted it. In light of recent events I have decided to let my rant go.

Dear Family Christian Stores,

Please remove all of the heresy that lines your shelves. If you would like, I can do it for you, granted you won’t be left with much but at least you won’t make money by leading people astray.

All Grown up

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So I’m reading a boy-hood classic, The Adventures of Tom Saywer. I was never able to get through it when I was a kid, I was too busy chasing/killing things, so I figured the best thing to do as an “adult” was to read it.  What I like the most is that it reminds me of when I was a kid. Growing up in Oregon my friends and I went on crazy stupid adventures, like setting booby traps for our unsuspecting enemies (there weren’t any) or playing war in the woods with pine cones and sticks. If done right a pine cone is a perfect grenade and a stick, depending on size, is a great rifle or grenade launcher. We would also fish, catch crawdads, tromp through briar patches just to follow a stream, sneak around on peoples property, or really anything else that was remotely dangerous or just plain stupid. However, my favorite thing was jumping bikes in the backyard, not a lot has changed.

Although it’s fun to read and reminisce about how it was when I was a kid, I’m haunted by something, and I think it began with my generation. The children of the 80’s took a weird turn in middle school, a turn that I don’t think our parent took. Although it’s true that my parents were faced with the sexual revolution and all that came with it, their life in middle school and even high school was pretty tame. Drugs were present, and sex could be had, but it was considerably easier to avoid than it was when I was in school, and especially now for my brother and sister.

The 90’s saw the rise of grunge rock and a subsequent spike in depression and teen drug abuse. Divorce crashed on the shores of many marriages, leaving chaos and destruction in its wake. Many of us grew up in homes that were split, or on the verge of splitting, and we didn’t know how to deal with the pain and emptiness that was left. Many turned to drugs, sex, alcohol, aerosol paint cans, really anything that would numb the pain we didn’t know what to do with. All this came crashing down while we were still children, we made decisions that our parents didn’t have to make until they were in their late teens or early twenties.

Where am I going with this? I have watched my brother and sister deal with crap that has absolutely stolen their childhood from them. No longer do kids hang out and play with sticks and pine cones. Instead they get locked into a weird virtual world with video games and computers. Although it doesn’t seem bad, I think they have destroyed our ability to communicate, to really live with depth in a community of people. How can we live in community if we never talk? How can we uphold society if our only conversation is during a video game or through text messages? I want kids to climb trees again. I want to see kids play some ridiculous game that they made up, that doesn’t make any sense and lasts for hours. I don’t want America, or the Church for that matter, to be consumed by the junk we set in motion, I don’t want my kids to fall into the same crap I did.

So I pray that Christ will restore the hearts of children, I pray that He restores families so that children can be children. I don’t want life to be about video games that are detached from reality, I want life to be about Christ and drinking in the wonderful world that He has created. I want my kids to live deeply, I want them to understand their depravity, but I also want them to understand Christ’s mercy so they can fall on it. Basically, I want kids to love Jesus, and I want them to be free to be kids. I don’t want them to worry about which parent they will stay with, or who is sleeping with who. To worry about such things destroys the soul. Father I pray that Your Holy Spirit will renew our minds, I pray that we will submit ourselves to You, I pray that would free us from our junk so we can follow and love You.


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I’m a child

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So…this is my dream. Who wants to buy a house with me and ride bicycles in the backyard?